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Being prepared is actually being Sexy

by Juliet Allen in 2. (E)MPOWERMENT

Safe Sex: These two words are shoved down our throats in high school and yet most of us end up slipping (literally) into an ‘unsafe’ situation at some stage in our sex lives. Before I jump into my reasons as to why safe sex is sexy, it’s important to note right away that ‘safe sex’ isn’t just about condoms…it’s […]

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So When Is The Right Time To Enjoy Sex For The First Time?

by Juliet Allen in 3. (R)ESPECT

When it comes to first-time sex, I’m personally a big believer in doing what feels right for me in the moment. That said, I’ve often thought about what sexual choice I’m going to make well before I’m actually having to make the ‘yes/no, let’s do it’ call. Today I was chatting with a male friend […]

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