Frequently Asked Questions

What does HERO standard for?

The HERO brand has four key pillars: Health, Empowerment, Respect, One-for-one.

These pillars inform us and guide our vision to become a global healthcare company with a purpose and passion for helping communities in need.

What are vegan-friendly condoms?

HERO only uses natural rubber latex for our condoms and silicone oil for lubrication. HERO are free from any parabens, glycerin, petrochemicals, flavours and fragrances.

  • we do not use casein, which is derived from milk and used for lubrication.
  • we do not use palm oil, found in some lubricants.
  • we do not use nitrosamines in production.
  • we do not use benzocaine – a numbing agent found in lubricants.
  • we do not contain spermicides.

How does HERO practice sustainability?

HERO is made from natural latex, originating from the rubber plant, which breaks down over time, compared to non-latex versions that do not break down.

  • Our manufacturing processes utilises ethical and environmentally friendly practices throughout production including water treatment and recycling. We are working to further develop our earth-friendly power generation and agroforestry initiatives.

  • HERO only uses cardboard for our packaging, which is 100% recyclable.
  • HERO’s postage bags are provided by The Better Packaging Co. which are 100% compostable.

Do HERO Condoms have a scent?

Some condoms may contain a rubbery scent, or if they utilise water based lubricant, overtime they may give off a fishy type odour. HERO Condoms have a pleasant mint scent.

What size condoms do HERO offer?

HERO Condoms fit most, and are measured at 54-56mm in diameter. 

Are HERO condoms lubricated? 

Yes, HERO Condoms are already lubricated but additional lubricant can always be used if desired. Please only use water-based/non-oil based lubricants, like our HERO plant based lubricant which is made from Aloe Vera. 

How should you use HERO Condoms?

HERO Condoms are electronically tested and are manufactured in accordance with International Standard ISO 4074.

While condoms are the most effective barrier, no method of contraception can provide 100% protection against pregnancy or the transmission of HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Contact your doctor immediately if you are worried that you or your partner may have become pregnant or have contracted an STI. 

Does HERO use discreet packaging for delivery?

Yes, HERO products are sent in non-branded, biodegradable mailer bag.  

Can I order HERO if I live outside of Australia?

Yes, for all orders placed outside of Australia, a $20 flat fee for postage applies. Depending on the total weight of the products/order, this fee may change.

Do you keep my information private?

Yes, we respect your privacy and keep your information strictly confidential. Please see our privacy policy for more information –

Your details are shared only with the likes of Australia Post, Paypal, and Mailchimp.

How do we get in touch?

We welcome any feedback or questions, and you can reach on the following details:


p: 1800 FOR HERO

insta: @HEROCondoms