COVID19 prompted us to consider the sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR) and sustainable development issues facing people in Australia. So in 2020/21 we started significant partnerships here, ensuring our initial aspirations under SDGs 3 and 17 remain guiding principles of our operations at home, too. Over 23,000 Australians live with HIV and about 16% of Australians report having a sexually transmitted infection in their lifetime. To address this, HERO has partnered with leading frontline service providers who are focused on servicing diverse communities, including regional Indigenous Australian communities. While our first partnership focused on the urgent supply of free issue condoms in Botswana, today we are proud to step up and support organisations delivering critical sexual and reproductive health services in our region.

International - Botswana

HERO was started in 2014 to respond to the ongoing HIV/AIDs pandemic in Botswana.. When we witnessed the prevalence of HIV in Botswana, where approximately one in five people (close to 20%) are living with HIV, and noticed how the hard work of local organisations was impeded by supply issues, we were compelled to act. In Botswana, condoms sold at retail are expensive, if available, and community/government run clinics often lack supply, meaning reduced access to free issue condoms, a critical component of effective HIV/AIDS prevention and the goals of SDG3. We set about addressing this through partnerships with grassroots organisations (SDG17) to improve health outcomes by supporting locally led solutions. We see sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR) as a critical lever for reducing inequality and poverty overall through the pursuit of the targets under SDG3.

Ethical Credentials

HERO’s supply chain standards exceed national and international laws for wages, overtime, shift-work and employee entitlements. Our manufacturing partners in Malaysia pay above-minimum wages, implementing workplace safeguards beyond the International Labour Organisation (ILO)’s Conventions. Our supply chain partners provide paid parental leave and health benefits beyond legislated requirements, and have diversity and inclusion measures to address inequality in the workplace.

  • SEDEX certified manufacturing and supply chain compliance
  • Workplace standards which exceed ILO compliance
  • Ethical partnerships, focused on meaningful change
  • Transparent program monitoring and evaluation systems and a live, public donation tracker

Sustainability Credentials

Rubber tapping is used to extract our natural latex from rubber trees. This is done by peeling a thin layer of bark, allowing the latex to drip out. Our manufacturing site process this raw material into medical grade latex. The plant utilises environmentally friendly practices throughout production including:

  • Water Treatment & Recycling
  • Earth Friendly Power Generation and Agro-Forestry Initiatives
  • Natural Rubber Latex
  • Recyclable Packaging

Quality & Certifications

HERO Condoms are made in a world class manufacturing facility and are comprehensively electronically tested and produced in accordance with International Standard ISO 4074:2002. Our condoms are dermatologically tested, paraben-free and vegan friendly.

  • Internationally Certified
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Paraben-free

Global Partners

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