Being prepared is actually being Sexy

May 16, 20162 Minutes

Safe Sex: These two words are shoved down our throats in high school and yet most of us end up slipping […]

Safe Sex: These two words are shoved down our throats in high school and yet most of us end up slipping (literally) into an ‘unsafe’ situation at some stage in our sex lives. Before I jump into my reasons as to why safe sex is sexy, it’s important to note right away that ‘safe sex’ isn’t just about condoms…it’s a whole lot more than that. Safe sex is about self respect, consent, mental health, physical health and sexual happiness.

Safe sex screams self-love, self-respect and self-esteem
Take condom negotiation as an example: using condoms is about self-respect, self-love and self-esteem.
If we respect our bodies enough, and love ourselves enough, then the last thing we want to do is compromise our (and our partner’s) health, safety and physical well-being. Initiating condom usage shows that you are a strong and amazing person who respects yourself and the health of your partner. And note: if you think putting on a condom is ‘awkward’, consider having to call your sexual partner a few days later announcing an STI discovery on your genitals.


Consent is sexy
Consent is just as big a part of safe sex as anything else, and it isn’t talked about enough. Consent is about both parties saying a big fat YES to sex. If there is any hesitation, then the answer is no. Always ask permission before entering into sex, and if you’re thinking of trying something new and exciting during sex, make sure your partner is ok with it. Standing up for what you do and don’t want is sexy, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


Physical health and mental health are interlinked
When ‘Safe Sex’ is mentioned, it’s often all about STI’s, HIV and unplanned pregnancy. Safe sex is also about mental health. If you’re having sex with someone, but you don’t want to, then your mental health is going to take a huge hit. Add in the possibility of contracting an STI and it’s likely that your self-worth will hit an all-time-low. Happiness and Joy is sexy as hell. Take the necessary steps during sex to protect yourself and I guarantee you’ll feel sexier inside and out.