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STIs are a serious concern in Australia. Over the last ten years, there has been a significant increase in the number of reported cases. Chlamydia rates have quadrupled and eight out of ten diagnosed cases are amongst  people between 15 and 29 years old!
HERO takes this seriously and we want to help out young people around Australia make the right decision when it comes to safe sex. To do that HERO has teamed up with Cosmopolitan Australia to bring free condoms to young people all around Australia!


#CosmoCommits aims to raise awareness to the growing issue of unplanned pregnancies and to prevent the spread STI’s in Australia. With this partnership we have created a custom designed condom just for this occasion! We will be traveling the east coast of Australia for the entire summer with the #Cosmocommits team. Keep an eye out as we will be at events all over the country giving out free HERO condoms and other goodies. All you need to do is watch out for the pink Cosmo kombi vans and follow us on facebook.com/HEROcondoms and facebook.com/cosmoaustralia to find out where we are. Just look out for the hashtag #Cosmocommits.

Safer Sex

HERO believes that sex should be fun for everyone and believes that by knowing the facts around condom use, sex can be safe too.  Here are a couple of tips to ensure you are staying well protected!
  1. It might go without saying, but we recently heard it from Jersey Shore star Vinny that to be extra safe he uses two condoms. Not a great idea!! This creates friction and can actually cause the condom to break.
  2. The worst place to carry a condom is in your back pocket or in your wallet; a shirt pocket or a safe protected place in your handbag is a much better idea. This stops rubbing and any chance of damaging the condom.
  3. Use only water-based lubricants, anything else will damage the latex.
  4. If you start to put a condom on inside out, you should throw it out and start over again with a new condom. You shouldn’t roll it off and try again.
So, before the next time you have sex, make sure you are prepared. Head over to the HERO shop.
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