6 Naughty or Nice Sex Tips by HERO Condoms Sexologist – Juliet Allen

December 10, 20153 Minutes

Christmas is just days away and there’s no better way to begin the festivities than with a little sexy time […]

Christmas is just days away and there’s no better way to begin the festivities than with a little sexy time with your lover. Here are 6 naughty or nice sex tips to bring plenty of Christmas cheer into your household and bedroom.

playfull kissing

Playful Kissing

Nice: On Christmas Eve tell your partner they are allowed to kiss you everywhere…except where they love kissing you most. Making them wait is a guaranteed turn on and no doubt they will beg you for more. Often we race to the finish line, this is a great way to make sex last.

Naughty: Kiss your partner like you would kiss them during oral sex…take it slow at first, telling them how much you want to go down on them, and yet giving them a preview of how you would do it via their mouth. Slowly kiss them, eventually taking the kisses down to where they want it most.

sex in the shower

Sex In The Shower

Nice: Find a shower oil that is au natural and tell you partner you are going to give them a sex-filled rub down. There are plenty of amazing shower elixirs that double up as lubricant…make your way south and massage them with the oil. Take control and show your partner how much pleasure your touch can be.

Naughty: Begin by using the oil to massage your partner, then begin massaging yourself, leading into self-pleasure. There’s nothing hotter than seeing your lover masturbate and it’s guaranteed to turn your partner on. Bring yourself to orgasm and then finish your partner off, this is a guaranteed naughty way to end or begin your Christmas celebrations.

sexy underwear

Sexy Underwear

Nice: Wake up on Xmas day with a new sexy bra and panties set on, ready to have your partner take it off you just as quick as you put it on. A woman who takes pride in her appearance is sexy and making the effort to impress and feel great is always a winner.

Naughty: Wake up naked and even better, wake your partner up on Xmas day with oral sex. Yes, they may be sleepy, but it won’t take long before they open their eyes and realise who’s between their legs. Merry oral Christmas and happy new year!