Top 3 Condom Myths {De­bunked}

by Juliet Allen in 1. (H)EALTH

It seems that in today’s day and age, the topic of condoms still remains largely taboo. Many people feel as uncomfortable talking about condoms, as they do talking about sex. So why is it that people don’t feel comfortable talking about them, and more importantly, why aren’t they using them regularly?

Myths about condom usage are common in our society and a lack of education is responsible for the increasing jump in STI and HIV rates in young Australians. Which leads me to debunking my top 3 condoms myths:

Myth #1 Condoms Break Easily

No, they don’t break easily. All condoms are tested vigorously for strength and safety prior to being sold on your local grocery shelf. To ensure that a condom doesn’t break, put it on carefully with extra lube and make sure there is no air bubble at the end. Check the expiry date, avoiding using sharp nails or teeth, and if the condom doesn’t roll down, it’s because you are putting it on the wrong way. If in doubt, throw it out and try again. Remember, practice makes perfect when learning to use condoms correctly.

Myth #2 Condoms Decrease Sexual Pleasure

It seems many people still believe the myth that condoms decrease pleasure. This isn’t true…yes, using a condom may create a different sensation compared to not using one, but the fact is that if you find a condom that fits you properly, and you use plenty of lube, then sex can be pleasurable and feel great! Plus you won’t have to worry about the consequences of unsafe sex, which is always a bonus for your mental and physical health.

Myth #3 If I ask to use a condom, I look like I’m paranoid

This couldn’t be further from the truth. If you ask to use a condom, it means you are a smart and wise person who respects yourself enough to want to practice safe sex! Don’t ever be ashamed of asking to use a condom… if the person you are with ridicules you for that, then perhaps they’re not the right person for you. Remember being prepared, is Sexy!!

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