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3 Tips For A Passionate Relationship

by Juliet Allen in 2. (E)MPOWERMENT

The biggest complaint I hear people say is that they’re not having enough sex with their long-term partner. Unfortunately, I don’t have the magic solution to this very real problem. Reality is, most couples seem to face the challenge at some stage or another during their relationship and, if one or both partners aren’t happy, […]

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Botswana Battles Against ‘Extinction’

by David in 1. (H)EALTH

If there is anywhere in the world where a model for the treatment of HIV and Aids is needed, it is Botswana. This landlocked country in southern Africa has the highest incidence of the condition, almost 40% of its adult population being infected. The average life expectancy has just fallen below 40 years for the first time since 1950.

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