A Day In The Life Of A Sexologist – Juliet Allen­ HERO Condoms Sexologist

July 7, 20154 Minutes

What the hell is a sexologist? Are you serious, does such a career even exist? How did you become a […]

What the hell is a sexologist? Are you serious, does such a career even exist? How did you
become a sexologist? I get asked all these questions, and more, on a weekly basis. With this in
mind, it’s about time I write about a day in the life of me; a full­time sexologist, writer, mother
and lover.

Firstly, what is a sexologist? A sexologist is somewhat of an expert on sex… I like to call myself
a sexpert. I studied psychology as an undergraduate degree, then went on to study sexology as
a postgrad student. I chose to study sex simply because I love sex, and I want others to enjoy
sex as much as I do. I’ve explored my sexuality widely, and have always been open to new
sexual experiences… which I believe is the best ‘study’ you can do for a career like mine.

I work for myself and I love variety, so a day­-in­-the­-ife varies greatly. Generally I love to begin
my day with a coffee at my local, a walk along the beach, and time to drop my daughter off to
school. Once I’ve enjoyed a relaxed morning I check my emails and do any admin and invoicing
that needs to be sorted… as soon as that’s done I get stuck into the fun stuff! Writing is one of
my many passions, so I spend a lot of my days writing educative articles for varying publications
and brands and causes that I work with, such as HERO. I also enjoy writing an opinion column
for my local newspaper each Saturday.

Sexuality coaching is in great demand, and so I have my regular coaching clients who come to
me to help them solve their sex dilemmas and challenges. It’s normal for all of us to experience
challenges when it comes to sex and sexuality… I love helping other people to feel empowered
to live an amazing sex life. I also love educating young people and spend time in schools and
youth centres chatting to teenagers about sex, pleasure, safe sex and healthy relationships.

Life as a sexologist is fun as it gives me the opportunity to work with great companies like
HERO Condoms. Partnering with HERO gives me the opportunity to get the word out there
about the importance of safe and fun sex, whilst also supporting a company who are helping
battle HIV by donating 1 condom to Africa for every condom sold in Australia. How good is that!

So there you have it, a day-­in-­the-­life of a sexologist. I guess like any other job it has it’s ups
and downs, but definitely more ups than downs! I wouldn’t swap my career for anything, I love
that I work for myself and that I get to talk about a topic that always brings a smile to people’s